Happy Birthday Majk Spirit!

28. august 2014 at 19:29 | Princess music |  Singers
Hi ;) This article will be about famous rapper Majk Spirit, cause today is his 29th birthday! I quite like him, first I saw him in czech competition "Hlas" in english "Voice" :D He was a member of jury. And first song I heard from him was "Mama". He sang it live in Tv and now you can listen here:

I must say that the lyric is very nice, and you must agree with me, if you understand Slovakia ;) And If you understand Slovakia, you can read a description:

Majk Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia je slovenský hudobný umelec (žáner: Rap), ktorý patrí do Bratislavskej skupiny H16. Interpret, ktorý je jediným autorom vlastných textov, pôsobí na slovenskej hudobnej scéne od roku 2000. Prvé skladby vydal pod pseudonymom Dilema, neskôr so svojou skupinou mal s ďalším umeleckým menom "Koko Šajs" ale aj "Koko Najs" leví podieľ na úspechoch albumov "Jednašestka ftvojom klube" (2004), "Kvalitný materiál" (2006) a "Čísla nepustia" (2008), resp. mixtapovom albume "Antivirus" (2009).


More photos......................HERE
Majk Spirit on Last.fm..........HERE
His Twitter..........................HERE

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