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Did you understand the name of this article? :D Probably no, if you don´t study French, but it means: "Do you speak french?". But maybe I should write there: "Chantez vous francais?" -Do you sing French? Because today I will show you some very good French songs...

1) I like this first very much and I can sing the hole song by my memory. I think you will like:

"Haut les bras, les rebelles sont là", sing Irie Révoltés. "Arms up, the rebels are here." When Irie Révoltés storm the stage with their energetic mix of reggae, ska, dancehall and hip-hop, no arms stay down. The brothers Mal Élevé and Carlito thrill the audience with their catchy, two-part singing, along with rapper Silence. But Irie Révoltés represent more than just a sweaty stage show. "Nous restons critiques", they say in their mostly French lyrics. "We remain critical.

"Haut les bras, les rebeles sont lá" -Put your hands up, the rebels are there!! Its from my next favourite song by Irie Révoltés, you can listen HERE ;)

2) Second...I think you will like the clip very much! It´s quite funny I think and melody is also very good! If you don´t understand french and you want to read the lyric in czech, clikck HERE ;)

There are multiple bands/artists under the name Mika. 1) Mika (born Michael Holbrook Penniman in 1983) is a Beirut-born, Paris and London-raised, London, UK-based singer who has a contract with Island Records and used to attend Westminster School. He first appeared on BBC Radio 1 in September 2006. He has a background in classical songwriting. His long awaited first album Life in Cartoon Motion was commercially released on 5th February 2007. It has a coming of age theme, and deals with the transition from childhood to his current position in life.

3) Do you know Indila? I decide she will be a singer of third song here. I was thinking for a long time which song I should choose, because there are 3 very nice. Finally I choosed Derniére Danse, in the clip you can see very beautiful parts of Paris, but If you will like you surely must listen and watch this: S.O.S.!!

Indila, real name Adila Sedraia, is a French singer. She has collaborated with French rappers such as OGB, Rohff, Soprano, TLF, Nessbeal, The Algérino, DJ Abdel or Youssoupha. Singer Indila returned to the world of showbiz through featuring with many known artists. She released her first solo single, "Dernière Danse", November 13, 2013, taken from her first album: Mini World released February 24, 2014. The single has reached the second position in France downloads.

4) I´m sure you will like next song! We was singing it on french lessons and everyone loves it ;) Listen and watch Je veux by ZAZ! Je veux (read: Ž v) means: I want ;) And my favourite sentence is "Je veux de l´amour" -I want love :D

Isabelle Geffroy, known by the pseudonym ZAZ, is a singer from Tours, France, who blends the styles nu jazz, soul and acoustic in her music. In 2001, she started her singing career in the blues band "Fifty Fingers". She sang in musical groups in Angoulême, especially in a jazz quintet. She became one of the four singers of Izar-Adatz (Shooting Star), a variety band which consisted of sixteen people with whom she toured for two years, especially in the Midi-Pyrenees and the Basque Country.

5) On the fifth place is famous czech singer Iva Fruhlingová, she sings very good in french!

Czech singer and former model. Famous in France and Belgium as well. Singing mostly in French. It is quite unclear which genre (mostly pop). So far she has recorded four solo albums, Litvinov (2003) which was also a main soundtrack for the Czech movie "Román pro ženy", Baby Doll (2005), Strip Twist (2007) and Chic A Paris (2013). She has also recorded one album with two other musicians - their band was called No Pan!c (Iva Fruhlingová, Václav Polanský and Peter Boška). Their album which was released in 2009 is called Doma nejlíp.

If you liked, I recommend you song La Muerte, also very good :) Click HERE for listen.

So it was almost all, now I must tell you about one more singer, because I think she´s a legend! Her name is Édith Piaf and her most famous song is "Non, Je ne regrette rien". If you think you don´t know it, listen and you will see you know :D


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